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Beachfront dining at the Drop off
The Drop Off cocktail
Casual dining at The Drop Off

Wood-Fired Seafood Snacks with Tiki-Inspired Cocktails

An Effortlessly Cool Evening Hangout

At the south end of the idyllic Iron Shore, follow the scent of the wood-fired grill smoke to find The Drop Off. This specialty beach bar is everything you want in an evening hangout that happens to be on a beautiful beach with a coral wall as its backdrop: killer rum-based cocktails, freshly caught seafood, and a kick-your-sandals-off environment. Here, the volume goes up as the sun goes down.

the drop off entree item

Our Menu

At The Drop Off, the food is all freshly caught and fired right over the wood grill, and the drinks lean heavily toward experimental rum-based cocktails with a tiki bent. In this case, a simple menu = simply delicious.