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Kao Kamasa Spa Treatments

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Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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Pure sensory bliss is achieved as you rotate through the interior soaking pools featuring color therapy, salinity variations, and temperature gradients.

Innovative treatments using ancient remedies, crystals, and jade, are the prelude to relaxation as you lounge alfresco on our cliffside garden pool with turquoise water views and cooling Honduran breezes.

From the Painted Jade Restorative Facial to the Pesh Obsidian Palm Stone Ritual featured in our Jaguar treatment room, there is a service rich in history for everyone to enjoy.

Facial Treatments

Pesh "Painted –Jade" Restorative Facial
The art of transforming oneself with precious stones, make-up, and masks is a universal phenomenon among all people of the world, as it used to be for the ancient Pesh. This is the inspiration for our phenomenal restorative facial. Jade has properties that firm and lift in concert with our skin's chemistry. Our Jade roller smooths wrinkles and sculpts facial muscles. Custom facial cleansing coupled with biodynamic cranial-facial therapy, algae, and botanical extracts is combined with a Pesh-inspired painting of multiple skin restorative masks creatively painted on the face to erase the telltale signs of aging. We include a therapeutic neck, shoulder, and hand massage that will leave you relaxed and renewed.
60 min / $170 USD

Mermaid Firming Facial
Pesh traditional belief includes a ceremony to "the mermaid, the mother of fish, who cares for the fish."This age-defying facial takes its cues from the sea and the people who revere it to moisturize, firm, and tone severely dry, sun-damaged skin. Harnessing pure derivatives from the sea, including all-white algae wine and tea combined with copper peptides, oceanic vitamin C, and a probiotic exfoliation gives the skin a superior boost. We add a smoothing eye and lip treatment in conjunction with a collagen enhancing infusion mask and a brightening hand treatment to help make you fabulous and youthful.
90 min / $245 USD

Ancient Ritual – High Tech Facial
For nearly 1000 years, we can trace Pesh culture and existence around the Bay Islands, where they acquired knowledge of how nature acts as a powerful healing source. Through science, we now know that carbon dioxide is cycled through the thick, indigenous rainforests creating oxygen in just the right proportion to sustain life and heal. Utilizing this knowledge, our GeneO+ technology uses the power of a CO2 carrier to infuse essential nutrients and antioxidants deep into cells. This causes the body to send oxygen-rich blood into the treated area to bind with these healing essentials to reveal a smoother, firmer, revived complexion. You will love your naturally youthful skin.
90 min / $275 USD

Gua Shua Stone Rejuvenator
Jade, which was used in pre-Columbian times in the territory that is currently now Honduras, has healing properties based on natural currents, temperature, and texture. Harnessing your skin’s vibrational energies using the Jade stone’s properties will create alignment and universal harmony to reverse time. A healthy dose of firming antioxidants paired with a Jade-crystal massage visibly smooths fine lines while stimulating collagen production. Your skin will feel dewy, sculpted, and toned.
90 min / $245 USD

à k a k a
Choose an enhancement to upgrade and "amplify," as the ancient word describes, the effects of your facial treatment.

Ténwã "Light" Therapy
A non-invasive, LED light-wave technology targets fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation concerns, or breakouts. The remote areas of the Honduran central highlands are the current home to the Pesh. This area enjoys gorgeous sunlight and is the inspiration for this therapeutic light therapy.
$40 USD

Collagen "Warka Ehka" Infusion
An infusion gel mask is used to enhance hydration and skin tone. A potent, plant-based Amino Acid Compound encourages pro-collagen synthesis while gently firming and plumping the skin. This treatment is "to restore" a youthful appearance.
$40 USD

As-Pook-Mai Awakening Facial
In ancient Pesh cosmovision, three was a sacred number. We honor this mystical view by naming this treatment in their ancient language. Ideal for those pressed for time but want to relax and refresh, our Pesh-inspired awakening facial is as quick as 1(As), 2(Pook), 3(Mai). This abbreviated treatment includes a facial cleansing, exfoliation, a skin-specific facial mask, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.
30 min / $75 USD

Body Treatments

Temazcal Patokaa Rituals
Our Temazcal Patokaa Rituals take place in our ocean facing Jaguar treatment room. The Jaguar, known as the most mighty and ferocious animal in the Honduran rain forest, was genuinely significant in the Pesh culture as it was the symbol of their shaman. The Pesh revered their shaman as having almost supernatural knowledge of the power of plants and their healing properties.

Our purifying full body Patokaa (heat) rituals occur in our modernized Temazcal, meaning "house of heat". For centuries, heat and aromatic water turned to steam have been used for warmth, cleanliness, and purification. Here, we combine "téhwã" (fire) and "asò" (water) by pouring herb-infused water over heated volcanic stones in the room’s center to create an aromatic steam inhalation for deep purification and improved circulation, providing an exquisite nurturing experience of renewal that feels both grounding and freeing.

Pesh Obsidian Palm Stone Ritual
Sea salts, skin-nourishing algae, and aromatic botanical moisturizing oils buff away dull, dry skin. A duo of seaweed and clay-based mineralizing body masks are artfully applied to the body in homage to native Pesh custom. Following a refreshing warm water rinse, a full body massage rich with aromatic algae oil soothes muscles and deeply nourishes the skin. Palm stones, made of Obsidian which is naturally found in Honduras, are used in this treatment to detox, ground, release negativity, and create protection around the subtle energy-body.
120 min / $350

Aroma Rose Quartz Stone Ritual
Based on the fruits & flowers of Roatán, such as calming Lemongrass and detoxifying Cedar, this full-body cleansing incorporates an invigorating scrub ritual, a rejuvenating herbal mud masque envelopment, and a deeply relaxing scalp massage. A full body massage using a captivating aromatic oil with its signature indigenous floral resonance and a relaxing foot massage using an ancient balancing bowl follows. The treatment concludes with a unique rocking technique that introduces a gentle wave to unify body and mind and release any remaining tensions. Palm Stones of Rose Quartz are used in this treatment to bring a sense of peace and unconditional love.
120 min / $350 USD

Jade Stone Chakra-Balancing
This treatment begins with the anointment of a precious blend of oils, along with the transcendent sound of bells, which were treasured by elite ancient Pesh. A profoundly nurturing oil is applied to the body's energy centers. Jade Chakra stones further balance the body to stimulate and awaken the Chakras and provide peace and clarity to the mind. A unique Jade roller is also used for a soothing, rejuvenating, and tension- melting facial massage. This offering ends with a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage followed by a balancing foot bowl treatment. Achieve a feeling of renewal or, as the Pesh would say, "waíkakà."
60 min / $175 USD

Deep – Soothing Wrap
This deeply restful and restorative treatment opens with a relaxing aromatherapy inhalation followed by a restoring back massage using aromatic blended calming oils and a nurturing and hydrating algae, white kaolin clay, and lavender. A relaxing scalp massage is followed by a facial massage using a balancing Jade wand to soothe, tone, and release stress from facial muscles, neck, and shoulders. The transcendent sounds of bells induce a sense of well-being and mark the end of this profoundly restorative treatment. The Pesh would whisper "akapãk a paintua" which translates to "reclaim stillness."
90 min / $195 USD

Purifying "Saīna" Body Scrub
This treatment opens with an aromatic inhalation of a transformative oil combined with Sweet Orange, Sage, and Lavender. It is followed by applying deeply re-mineralizing sea salt mixed with Neem, Honey, Lemon, and Orange for a full-body exfoliation. The experience includes an invigorating scalp massage and a balancing foot treatment using a unique wand to enhance a revitalizing feeling of rejuvenation.
60 min / $165

Foot and Leg Refreshing "Seíka"
A nurturing aromatherapy inhalation featuring a rare Lotus and Rose blend awakens and uplifts subtle energies. The feet are cleansed and exfoliated with a refreshing "seíka" and purifying algae-aloe scrub. The experience concludes with a foot massage and Kansa bowl treatment, leaving one feeling deeply relaxed and radiantly invigorated.
30 min / $115 USD

Massage Therapies

Uruhchã Piras Kukaya
deep intention, deep tissue

Alleviate muscle tension and muscular stress with this moderate to firm massage inspired by the benefits of deep, intentional work in the Pesh tradition. This full body massage employs substantial manipulation of strategic muscle groups to renew vitality and restore energy.
60 / 90 min l $185 / $250 USD


Integrating various classic massage techniques, named in the Pesh word for calm, our skilled therapists soothe and relax the body and mind. This lighter touch massage utilizes traditional Swedish methods that will be sure to make you feel still and meditative.
60 / 90 min l $165 / $230 USD


In the Pesh language, "kaki", the word that means mother, is endeared. Mothers-to-be, and new moms, need nurturing and relaxation. This relaxing therapy is designed to ease muscle discomfort, lower backache, and water retention to benefit mom and baby.
60 min / $170 USD

Buh Buh Pã

Activating reflex points release toxins and tensions, so the flow of energy throughout the body is reestablished. "Buh buh pã", meaning "to press" in the Pesh language, is our inspiration for the name of this ancient healing ritual. Applied pressure that stimulates reflex points in the feet, which correspond to the body's internal organs, will increase healthy function and aid in detoxification.
30 / 60 min l $115 / $150 USD

Payo Bokín

Private time together unwinding from an active schedule with dual massages is ideally delivered in the comfort of one of our beautifully appointed ocean-front couple's suites. The Pesh words "payo" and "bokín" have always been honored and revered as it means "with you" and "couple". We created this so you can experience relaxation together.
60 / 90 min l $380 USD / $510 USD

à k a k a
Choose an enhancement to upgrade and "amplify," as the ancient word describes, the effects of your massage treatment.

The diverse Roatán topography is reflected in its flora. Organic Sesame, Macadamia, Almond, and Avocado oil are carefully blended with combinations of plant essences, inspired by the Pesh people’s fruits and flowers, which impart specific benefits to your body as it will enhance your senses. You choose Soothing, Calming, or Energizing.
$25 USD

Deep Muscle Relief
Nature’s pharmacy is present in the botanical diversity found in Honduran plants such as Cedarwood, Aloe, and Yarrow. Our muscle-release blended oil is formulated to provide a soothing and aromatic experience. It supports restoration and relief from achy, tired muscles—a perfect addition to the Deep Intention massage treatment.
$25 USD

Warm Basalt Stone
The indigenous elements of Roatán contain healing properties when combined with therapeutic skin emollients. We use smooth round basalt stones, gently heated and smoothed over the body. The stones’ heat combined with essential oils will penetrate muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation and muscle relief.
$30 USD

Awah Tamanaka Salt Stone
Warmed salt stones ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system, and meridians and will gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension. The Pesh practitioners inspired us to provide a therapeutic "transformative" treatment that promotes deep relaxation and a sense of calm, as the definitive words "awah tamanka" describes.
$30 USD

Ocean "Asotapak" Wave Therapy

Based on Quantum Harmonic sound therapy, this treatment features precise and complex audio frequencies matched to the body’s organs and energy centers (chakras). A highly efficient oscillation massage system integrated within the table’s lying surface to simulate an "ocean" wave, this treatment provides vital benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and deep relaxation to release stress and promote deep relaxation.
45 min / $75 USD

Hair Spa Treatments

Using products that are notably "skincare for the hair," a Hair Spa treatment combines specific treatment combinations for scalp renewal, detoxifying and deep purification, and aromatherapy and heat therapy. Honoring Pesh world views and their myths that multiples of 3 were significant, we’ve created this comprehensive nine-step Hair Spa treatment that is customized to address your hair concerns. 60 min

Luminage Treatment
Anti-aging and Intense Repair

Featuring a full-bodied sensual, warm floral bouquet, this treatment features the Cera-filler Complex, a trio of potent actives to reconstruct, fortify the hair and shield the scalp. Prevents color fade and repairs fragile, brittle hair.
$125 USD

Caviar Treatment
Ultimate Shine and Supreme Nourishment

Featuring sublimely elegant and sophisticated floral bouquets of white blooms blended with warm, luxurious wood and amber, this decadent treatment works in harmony with the caviar extract to repair, rejuvenate, soothe and purify from the root.
$125 USD

Resplendisse Treatment
Curl Defining

Richly spiced florals, earthy woods, and musk aromatics scent the hair and bring together four deeply nourishing oils and silk proteins that tame and reactivate curls, smooth frizz, lock in moisture, and restore elasticity.
$125 USD

Shampoo and Blow Out
Found deep in the Honduran rainforest is the Ojon tree. Ojon Palm Nut oil, extracted from the tree, has been revered as an ancient beauty remedy due to its healing properties to the hair. Our shampoo and blowout services include this oil and omega oils and other reparative nutrients to ensure soft, shiny, manageable hair.

Short (jaw length and above) - $55 USD
Medium (shoulder length) - $75 USD
Long (below bra-line) - $90 USD

*if you are wearing hair extensions an extra $25 USD will be added to your blow out service

Nail Care

Crystal Spa Manicure and Pedicure
Crystals and stones used in ancient times in Honduras and today's essential oils are intuitively incorporated into our signature manicure and pedicure. Each spa-inspired treatment begins with you choosing your intention of either grounding, relaxing, or revitalizing. Salt and essential oils are blended with warm water to commence this treatment, followed by a soft exfoliation and moisturizing hand or foot wrap. A curative massage creates the true essence of relaxation and renewal and finishes with cuticle care and polish.
Manicure ($80 USD) and Pedicure ($90 USD) each 60 min

Honduran Crystal and Stones and Oil Blends
Ground and Purifying
Obsidian and Smoky Quartz combined with essential oils of Pine and Cedar.

Relaxing and Balancing
Rose Quartz and Amethyst combined with essential oils of Rose and Lavender

Revitalizing and Energizing
Citrine and Clear Quartz combined with essential oils of Ginger and Lemongrass

As-Pook-Mai Traditional Manicure and Pedicure
As translated in Pesh and as quick as 1(As), 2(Pook), 3(Mai), our manicure and pedicure is the swift route to looking and feeling impeccable. The treatment includes cuticle care, exfoliation, and polish. It's perfect for those short on time but wanting total nail care.
Manicure ($45 USD) 35 min / Pedicure ($55 USD) 45 min

Male "Árwã" Inspired Manicure and Pedicure
Árwã, meaning male in the Pesh language, and especially for him, this treatment is the perfect remedy to smooth, buff, and groom the hands and feet.
Manicure ($45 USD) 35 min / Pedicure ($55 USD) 45 min

Buff and Polish hands - $25 USD

Polish Change hands or feet - $25 USD

French - Polish hands or feet - $20 USD

Gel Remover - $30 USD

Nail Stamp - $20 USD

Nail Embellishment - $20+ USD


The art of transforming oneself with facial painting for revered events and occasions is a universal fact among all people globally, including the Pesh of northeast Honduras and the Bay Islands. Whether it is for a special occasion or event or everyday use, we feature a collection of the highest quality mineral-based make-up that promotes healthy skin and a beautiful, flawless look.

Special Occasion Make-Up
Our gifted artisans will create your desired look for your wedding, a relaxing resort date night under the stars, girls' night out, or a legendary selfie!
60 min / $75 USD

For Your Eyes Only
Our talented artists create the desired look from a natural, soft, day look to a dramatic, smoky evening look.
30 min / $50 USD

Bridal Make-up - $100 USD and up


We use the finest in low-reactive waxes for the most perfect result.

Brows add on to a facial treatment only - $20 USD
Cheek add on to a facial treatment only - $20 USD
Lip add on to a facial treatment only - $15 USD
Chin add on to a facial treatment only - $20 USD
Full Face - $55 USD
Full Arm - $55 USD
Half Arm - $35 USD
Under Arm - $35 USD
Back - $75 USD
Bikini Line - $55 USD
Full Leg - $85 USD
Half Leg - $65 USD

In Spa Suite: Service +$65 USD l Day Pass: $155 USD
15% tax will be added at time of check-out