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roatán spa suite bathroom

Protecting Our Planet

Roatán's Eco-Friendly Resort

Rest easy at our green resort

Keeping our tropical island home pristine is a top priority. We keep our carbon footprint low by maintaining our beautiful beachfront, sourcing from local, indigenous communities, and implementing the sustainable measures below. So whether you're enjoying the world's second-largest barrier reef or walking the lush pathways, you can sleep soundly knowing we're committed to keeping them beautiful.

roatán beach

Solar Panels

At Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort + Spa, solar panels don't just collect sunlight; they shade our energy-efficient air conditioners so rooms stay cooler longer

blue bottle glass of water

Purified Water

You've never tasted water like this. A resort desalination plant ensures our water is the freshest on the land

aerial view of ocean

Water Reclamation

We like to keep things pure, especially our water. So everything gets sent to a purifying plant that reduces harm to the reef

atelier bloem bottles

Better by Volume

We no longer stock tiny plastic bottles. Instead, we refill our large Atelier Bloem amenities to eliminate waste.

three bars of soap

Clean the World

Our partnership with Clean The World allows us to upcycle our bar soap and send them out to impoverished communities worldwide.

ceiling fan

Smart Air

Our state-of-the-art HVAC units filter outdoor air using energy-efficient cooling systems for a green and comfortable stay.

Coral Restoration Program

Just offshore from the Kimpton Grand Roatan Resort & Spa lies the world’s second-largest barrier reef. In June 2024, to celebrate World Ocean Day, the resort partnered with Roatan Marine Park to adopt a coral nursery tree, contributing to the restoration of Roatan's reefs. Discover more about this initiative and how you can adopt a coral tree today.